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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Make the hard drive inaccessible

when double clicked on this drive an error message will open saying it is inaccessible .This is an alternate to hiding a drive and making it inaccisible. Here's how u do that :

Go to the registry editor and navigate to the following place :
In the right hand pane for the Explorer key, create a new "DWORD" value named ViewNoDrive

Double click the new value and enter it as .......
for hiding A drive set value as 1 , for B its 2 and C its 4 and so on and for Z its 33554432
generally multiply it by 2 for the next alphabet to hide

Once done, reboot or log off and login in again. Then try double clicking the drive you made inaccessible.

You should receive a message stating that the drive cannot be accessed


Ok nice. Just one question. How do you revert the process??? How do I get it accessable again


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