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Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to crack Passwords on Windows for all accounts.

This is a small tutorial and its all for straight from a program called OPHCRACK. This is simple to use. Lets say one morning you woke up and turned your PC on and forgot your windows password...or someone changed it and you go into Safe Mode and someone changed it too...are you phucked? Not anymore...ophcrack will locate it for you. If not, it will locate the hash for you and a program is available to crack the hash as well.

First download the program and its important to download for the specific OS.

Windows XP:

Windows Vista:

Now burn these files to cd as ISO file and set your victims pc to boot off from cd/dvd-rom.

Once it runs it should run to a screen like this.

let it run until you get a screen like this...

then once its done finally, it should look something like this with your passwords.

There is your password on LM. Note, some passwords cannot be crack depending on the characters and amount The LM has a capacity of 14 characters to crack. If longer, you'll have to use hash.

Use this site for has. at the bottom or download this program to use.
Platform looks like this.

And go to Load and it will tell you how to load hashes.

I only tried this once and looks very simple. Some strong passwords won't be able to crack.



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